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Mono-component cartridge dispenser CD

  • Automatic volumetric dispensing of mono-component liquid or viscous products including loaded material
  • Simple setting of the dispensing parameters via numerical controller
  • In comparison to a time-pressure system, the CD dispenser offers a higher precision. This precision is achieved via the integrated stepper motor. Furthermore, due to the standard cartridge types used, no further customization is necessary
  • Simple handling and changeover by unclipping/clipping the cartridge
  • No cleaning of the dispenser cartridges thanks to the zero-contact design
  • Material pre-heating possible

Technical specifications

Possible cartridge size 3, 5, 10 and 30 cm³
Standard cartridge type EFD or SEMCO (other types optional)
Repeatability 95% as per material and volume to be dispensed
Power supply controller 230V/50-60Hz
Air pressure max. 6 bar
Dispenser dimensions 62 x 61 x 333 mm
Dispenser weight ~1.6 kg

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